RC0222 2U Rackmount Chassis

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The CCSI RC-0222 is a modular 2 rack space dual socket motherboard chassis. By utilizing modular drive bays the RC-0222 2U chassis can accommodate nearly any conceivable drive configuration, from 6 fixed 3.5” hard drivs and 2x5.25” drive bays to 3, 6, 8 or 9 hot swap 3.5” hard drives. The RC-0222 is also a 'transformer' in the way it can accommodate fixed or redundant 2U power supplies or a  PS2 style power suppliey depending on your needs and budget. Equipped with the CCSI Windtunnel™ CPU cooling solution CPU and system cooling goes above and beyond that offered by fan top heatsinks. The CCSI Windtunnel™ supplies a constant flow of cool, non-recirculated air to the CPU heatsinks and forces the warm air out the rear of the chassis under positive pressure for maximum cooling regardless of load.