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CCSI Technology Partners


CCSI is not just another “white box” computer vendor; we have a long history of collaborative product development. In 1990 CCSI developed the first integrated solution of Canon Xapshot (early floppy disk analog camera), video capture board and database allowing up to seven photo images to be tagged to a database record. CCSI developed the world’s first 1U dual X86 (slot 1) processor system for HPC applications. Under contract with Intel, CCSI engineered the chassis, power supply and cooling solution for the Hamer Rapids project. CCSI worked with AMD and Tyan Computer Corp. to develop cooling technology and power supplies for the dual Athlon™ product family. CCSI collaborated with Etasis to develop the first 1U redundant hot swap power supplies. CCSI engineering worked with 3Ware in developing hot swappable IDE hard drives, prior to the introduction of SATA and SAS technology. CCSI was an early member of the iSCSI and SATA consortiums.

For over 26 years, CCSI has been building leading edge custom designed systems using nonproprietary industry standard components - for all needs from application servers to storage servers to multimedia and graphic workstations to HPC clusters. The company began in the industrial controls arena but our concentration for the past 20 years has been on imaging and IT computer systems as well as OEM and ODM design and fabrication.


Listing of our Technology partners by product type:


CPUs: AMD, Intel, VIA


Motherboards: ASUSTek, Super Micro Computers, Inc., Tyan Computer Corp.


Controller Cards: Adaptec, Areca, 3Ware/LSI


Video Cards: ATI, Matrox, nVIDIA


Displays: ASUSTek, LG, Samsung, Viewsonic


Hard Drives: Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital


Networking Products: Mellanox, SMC, Qlogic,


Storage Products: Cybernetics Data Storage Solutions, Enhance Technology, Texas Memory Systems


Memory: Corsair, Kingston Technology, Super Talent, Wintec


Power Products: APC, Liebert, Tripp Lite