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  The modern marvel of miniaturization coupled with Moore’s Law has brought about an exciting new format for rackmounted servers. Pioneered by Supermicro and now available from other vendors such as Asus and Tyan, the twin server originally held two complete servers in a single 1U chassis. Further development has resulted in 2U twin servers becoming common now with four independent servers in a 2U chassis. Twin servers are ideal for space constrained environments where more computing power is needed but rack space is limited. Besides the savings of space, twin servers are also very cost effective since they share the expense of a chassis and power supply over either two or four servers. Very high efficiency power supplies are utilized in twin servers, so energy consumption is also less than for stand alone servers. Furthermore, twin servers are available with either 4x2.5” or 3x3.5” hard drives per node. With 650MB 2.5” drives and 2TB 3.5” drives available, disk storage capacity is not a limiting factor for many server applications in these very space efficient servers. Twin servers, often with either dual data rate Infiniband onboard or quad data rate Infiniband onboard, are also being utilized for compute cluster nodes. Twin servers are available with dual quad core socket 1366 Intel Xeon™ processors or dual six core AMD Opteron™ processors. Twin server nodes can be configured identically or differently within the same chassis, depending on your needs. For example, you could have compute cluster with 3 dual processor six core (36 cores total) with single disk per compute node cluster with a dedicated dual processor, dual core head node with 3 or 4 hard drives for data storage and redundant power supply all in 2U of rack space! Choose one of the systems to the left or contact CCSI for a custom built Performance Twin Server to your specification.